Early Year Foundation Stage

Nursery, KG

Nursery, KG, and Key Stage 1 at CISM are dedicated to providing students with a warm and encouraging environment, ensuring they feel comfortable and can perform at their best. We nurture children to respect themselves and others, motivating them to freely express themselves academically, socially, and emotionally at all times. Our teachers collaborate closely with students and their families to achieve success for each individual.

Now, let’s delve into the courses we offer, providing a brief overview of each.

Nursery, KG


In this aspect of our program, children are afforded ample time for learning through sustained engagement in focused activities. Our approach fosters a sense of value and security, nurturing a feeling of achievement in each child. Play and conversation serve as valuable mediums for learning, encouraging children to express themselves and develop essential social skills. Throughout this process, we actively promote the importance of demonstrating care and respect for the needs and feelings of others.


Children are stimulated to communicate to convey ideas, thoughts and concerns.
They are involved in the act of talking, to exchange words with meaning and to utilize different communication tools: signs, written or gestures.
Children are developing the skills, knowledge and learning habits; how to interconnect and build relationships and succeed in life.


Children are engaged with activities which include:
(1) oracy, which includes vocabulary and listening;
(2) an understanding of the alphabetic code, which includes phonological/phonemic awareness and knowledge of the alphabet; and
(3) knowledge and understanding about print and its use.


Within this component of our curriculum, number rhymes, songs, and counting games play a pivotal role in daily activities. Children actively engage in comparing, sorting, matching, sequencing, and counting using everyday objects. They not only comprehend but also record numbers, while also utilising mathematical language to describe shapes, sizes, and quantities. Furthermore, children respond in diverse ways to stimuli, encompassing what they see, hear, smell, touch, and feel. This multifaceted approach enhances their problem-solving, reasoning, and numeracy skills.


In this area of our curriculum, children engage in discussions about their families and reflect on past and present events in their lives. They are actively encouraged to inquire about the workings of things, asking questions about the 'why' and 'how.' Additionally, children develop practical skills such as cutting, joining, building, and folding, applying these abilities for a variety of purposes. This approach fosters a holistic understanding of the world around them.


In this aspect of our curriculum, children progressively move with confidence and imagination, enhancing their control and coordination skills. Both indoor and outdoor areas are seamlessly integrated, providing a diverse and dynamic environment for development. As they grow, children are introduced to appropriate tools and objects, learning to handle them safely and with increasing control. An exciting highlight is their participation in the annual Sports Day, fostering a sense of teamwork and physical accomplishment.


Children actively immerse themselves in creative arts and activities, fostering imagination and enhancing cognitive development across various domains, including art and design, drama, songs, puppetry, and performing arts. Through engaging in open-ended activities, they cultivate a flexibility of mind, encouraging innovative thinking and self-expression.