Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 - Year 1 / Year 2 / Year 3

The Key Stage 1 section of CISM aims to provide students with a warm and encouraging environment where they feel comfortable and can perform at their best. We nurture children in such a way that they respect themselves and others, and are always motivated to freely and fully express themselves academically, socially, and emotionally. Our teachers work closely with students and their families to achieve success for each and every one of them.

The following are the courses we offer, along with a brief description of each:

Key Stage 1


English is the global language of communication. Proficiency in English is essential for students to access a wealth of information, connect with people from around the world, and prepare for a future in which English plays a crucial role in education and employment opportunities.


Mathematics is the foundation for problem-solving and critical thinking. It provides essential skills for everyday life and is a fundamental subject for various careers, including science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.


Science encourages curiosity and exploration. It helps students understand the natural world, develop analytical skills, and fosters a spirit of inquiry crucial for innovation and problem-solving in today's technology-driven world.

Social Studies

Social Studies cultivates a deep understanding of history, culture, and society. It promotes global awareness and empathy, fostering responsible and informed global citizens who appreciate diversity and can contribute positively to society.

Myanmar as a compulsory language

Proficiency in the native language is essential for effective communication, cultural preservation, and a strong sense of identity. It connects students to their roots and heritage, fostering a deeper understanding of their own culture and history.

Chinese/Additional Languages

Learning additional languages, such as Chinese, enhances students' linguistic skills and opens doors to international opportunities. It also promotes cross-cultural understanding and is valuable in a globalised world.

Digital Literacy

In the digital age, digital literacy is paramount. It equips students with essential skills for using technology responsibly, safely, and effectively, crucial for success in both education and the workforce.

Physical Education (PE)

PE promotes physical fitness, health, and overall well-being. It teaches the importance of an active lifestyle, teamwork, and discipline, providing students with the tools to maintain a healthy body and mind.


Music education enriches students' lives by fostering creativity and self-expression. It enhances cognitive skills, including memory and problem-solving, and provides an outlet for emotional expression.


Art education nurtures creativity, imagination, and self-expression. It encourages students to think outside the box, problem-solve through visual means, and appreciate the aesthetics of the world around them.