Our Community

Community Service

As students learn to experience and contribute to their school life; they start to understand and appreciate the meaning of a supportive community.

Building a strong sense of community is critical for every student to achieve their potential and for the school to achieve its goal of educating students and making them responsible citizens of their school community and the world. Their supportive community involves teachers, support staff and parents working together alongside former students and the community of Yangon, Myanmar.

Students of Year 10 & 11 work as volunteer teachers teaching English and Math to lower primary students at a Monastery for two months of the academic year. Students also organize musical performances, movie nights, sports leagues and many other fund raising activities throughout the year.

Classroom Without Walls

CISM is proud to offer its students a broad range of exciting and challenging out of school activities, which are both curricular and extra-curricular in nature.

Each year, all the classes get the opportunity to go on school trips to various destinations. These trips are educational and enjoyable and allow students to understand independence and to appreciate the natural beauty and history of the places they visit. Beyond the classroom it is important for students in the development of their self-confidence, self-reliance and inter-personal skills. Students will experience the benefits of being away from the confines of the four walls.

Therefore, rightfully these trips are deemed as “classrooms without walls.